Do you want to know exactly how hard you’re exercising? So that you know your workout intensity in real-time, your calories burned and thus get an accurate picture of the effects of your training. Well, heart rate monitor training is the only way to do that. It is arguably the best way to increase your fitness with exercise.

Heart rate training is done with a heart rate monitor. What it is is measuring the intensity of your exercise by measuring the percentage of your max HR that your heart is beating. So the closer you’re exercising to max the harder you’re training.

It usually includes wearing a chest strap that picks up your heart rate and transmits it down to a wrist watch to display it for you. The watch will also provide to you with options to alert you when your HR gets too low or too high – depending on the HR zone you wish to train at. For example, if you’re looking to improve your speed on the squash court you’ll want to train at a rate that is about 85% and above of your max HR. This will enable your body to cope with the demands on the squash court.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new-be exerciser or an advanced one, the benefits of heart rate training are real for all. The first 3 steps of getting started reaping the benefits of HR training are:

  1. Learn which heart rate monitor is best for your fitness regime
  2. Learn more about how to heart rate train
  3. Get exercising with your monitor and let the watch track your results.