First off I’ll just let you know that pressure washers are the best way to save you time cleaning your car, house gutters, driveway and much around the home – with ease, affordably and with great quality. Picking the correct one is crucial so before buying be sure to check out the best pressure washer reviews at that link. Now moving on let us take a look at the most popular power washer – Karcher.

Some facts about Karcher¬†are that they invented the first pressure washer in 1950s. Well, a man with the surname Karcher actually did and started the company to sell them. Now they’re an international company with almost 2 billion Euros in revenue.

How to Know if You Need an Electric or Gas Powered Cleaner

Most people will only require an electric washer because they’re cheaper, quieter and get most residential jobs done. A gasoline one is more expensive and louder but you get more powerful water jet and so can do bigger jobs faster.

In terms of PSI, which is the pounds per square inch the water can apply pressure to the surface, electric ones will get you up to 2000 PSI which is fine for car surfaces and boats and the like…

Gasoline will take you above that and up to 5000 PSI quite handily which is good for removing tougher stained surfaces.

All in all I would recommend the Karcher electric pressure washer for most uses around the home.