Great Explanatory Heart Rate Monitoring Videos

Now that you know how good heart rate monitoring is for your exercising, and you’ve gone out and bought an HR watch – how about some videos from Polar to get you motivated and “learned-up” some more? They’ve got videos ranging from feature explanations all the way to why you should heart rate train. (Just […]

Is a General Fitness, Running or Cycling Heart Rate Monitor Best for You?

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of heart rate training, and are excited to get started – you’ll need to know how to choose a heart rate monitor style. It’s not challenging, it’s just about choosing the HRM that is designed for how you exercise: general fitness, running, cycling or maybe hiking is your […]

Surprising Benefits of Heart Rate Training

Do you want to know exactly how hard you’re exercising? So that you know your workout intensity in real-time, your calories burned and thus get an accurate picture of the effects of your training. Well, heart rate monitor training is the only way to do that. It is arguably the best way to increase your […]