Lawn Mower Prop

The best lawn mowers for sale are the ones that meet the needs of the people. It doesn’t matter if they are cheap and good looking, what matters is if they work properly.

One easy way to find your mower is to know how big your lawn is. If it is 1 acre (about the size of a football field) or more you should get a riding mower.  Any smaller and a push mower could get the job done in 90 minutes or less.

I love the history of the lawn mower. It’s such a tool of need. It was invented because it was needed. Just like the tractor.

Check out this modern marvels episode on mowers:

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Robot Pressure Washing Paint Stripper

Check out these photos.

It’s a robot that uses pressurized water to strip large surface areas.

It makes quick work of cruise ship hauls, storage tanks. Cool stuff.

It saves on maintenance cost because the job is so much faster and doesn’t require many man hours.

Cool, hey?

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Mechanical Engineering 101

Mech Eng MemeHere I want to explain why I believe mechanical engineers create the best most useful products especially tools.

The engineering page on Wikipedia describes Mechanical Engineering as, “The design of physical or mechanical systems, such as power and energy systems, aerospace/aircraft products, weapon systems, transportation products, engines, compressors, power trains, kinematic chains, vacuum technology and vibration isolation equipment.”

By that definition all power equipment (pretty much) falls under the realm of mechanical engineers – power washers, sump pumps, electric generators and pretty much all the other outdoor lawn and garden tools we know and love.

Let’s take a look at each one of those linked to pieces of equipment and explain how a mechanical engineer is involved.

Pressure Washer

When it comes to the biggest power washers the mech eng would source all the parts with the required specs from different catalogs. If the spec was to have a 4000 PSI 4 GPM washer then the mech would work backwards to get that. First what size pump is required? Then, what motor/engine is required for that pump to get that PSI? And so on down the line. The reason a mech would do this and not an electrical is because a mech would know about the pump and engine more than any other engineer.

Sump Pump

When it comes to engineering sump pumps the mechanical engineer would do so from the ground up. From the material used to the valves required to operate. Pump design and manufacturing is actually a third year level class and could be a job for an entry level engineer with some senior guidance.

Electric Generator

Some would say the electric generator is under electrical engineering, which it is. But it also has components of the mechanical engineer. A “switched on” mech eng will have the electrical prowess to design one on their own.

Along with those pieces of power equipment the mech eng will be involved in designing and creating conveyor belt systems, mining equipment, chain saws and all sorts of custom gear.

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Pressure Washer: A Simple Pump and Motor Combo To Drastically Reduce Cleaning Times Around The Home

First off I’ll just let you know that pressure washers are the best way to save you time cleaning your car, house gutters, driveway and much around the home – with ease, affordably and with great quality. Picking the correct one is crucial so before buying be sure to check out the best pressure washer reviews at that link. Now moving on let us take a look at the most popular power washer – Karcher.

Some facts about Karcher are that they invented the first pressure washer in 1950s. Well, a man with the surname Karcher actually did and started the company to sell them. Now they’re an international company with almost 2 billion Euros in revenue.

How to Know if You Need an Electric or Gas Powered Cleaner

Most people will only require an electric washer because they’re cheaper, quieter and get most residential jobs done. A gasoline one is more expensive and louder but you get more powerful water jet and so can do bigger jobs faster.

In terms of PSI, which is the pounds per square inch the water can apply pressure to the surface, electric ones will get you up to 2000 PSI which is fine for car surfaces and boats and the like…

Gasoline will take you above that and up to 5000 PSI quite handily which is good for removing tougher stained surfaces.

All in all I would recommend the Karcher electric pressure washer for most uses around the home.

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Great Explanatory Heart Rate Monitoring Videos

polar heart monitors

Now that you know how good heart rate monitoring is for your exercising, and you’ve gone out and bought an HR watch – how about some videos from Polar to get you motivated and “learned-up” some more?

They’ve got videos ranging from feature explanations all the way to why you should heart rate train.

(Just in case you didn’t know – POLAR is a brand of heart rate monitors, in fact, they invented the first on in 1977)

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Is a General Fitness, Running or Cycling Heart Rate Monitor Best for You?

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of heart rate training, and are excited to get started – you’ll need to know how to choose a heart rate monitor style. It’s not challenging, it’s just about choosing the HRM that is designed for how you exercise: general fitness, running, cycling or maybe hiking is your thing? Or maybe all you care about is strapless?

General Fitness

This category of heart rate monitor is the “jack-of-all-trades” good for weightlifting, classes like BodyPump and Zumba and, in general, is the go-to HRM if you’re into cross training. So if you run and walk AND weight-lift – i’d go for this type of watch.

The key features that make up a General Fitness HRM:

  • Calories burned
  • Workout time
  • Real time heart rate
  • What heart rate zone you’re in.


Running HRMs are for runners – pretty obvious. So if you’re a die-hard runner this is your watch.

The key features are:

  • Tell you speed, pace and distance
  • Interval timers
  • Upload running routes to computer.


Again, an obvious style name – if you cycle only get a cycling heart monitor.

The key features are:

  • Speed, pace and distance
  • Timers
  • Upload routes to computer
  • Elevation travelled.

Pre-warning: often-time cycling computers are the most expensive type.

GPS, Strapless etc.

Another sub-category of heart rate monitors are strapless, GPS, women’s, triathlon and so on… Some HRMs can be bought without the need for wearing a chest strap – which I personally find awesome. So have state-of-the-art GPS and some are specific for women, with more feminine colours and smaller watch size. Heart rate monitor reviews and tips has some great resources for narrowing down and picking the exact one that is best for your needs. Just head over there and today you’ll know which one to buy.

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Surprising Benefits of Heart Rate Training

Do you want to know exactly how hard you’re exercising? So that you know your workout intensity in real-time, your calories burned and thus get an accurate picture of the effects of your training. Well, heart rate monitor training is the only way to do that. It is arguably the best way to increase your fitness with exercise.

Heart rate training is done with a heart rate monitor. What it is is measuring the intensity of your exercise by measuring the percentage of your max HR that your heart is beating. So the closer you’re exercising to max the harder you’re training.

It usually includes wearing a chest strap that picks up your heart rate and transmits it down to a wrist watch to display it for you. The watch will also provide to you with options to alert you when your HR gets too low or too high – depending on the HR zone you wish to train at. For example, if you’re looking to improve your speed on the squash court you’ll want to train at a rate that is about 85% and above of your max HR. This will enable your body to cope with the demands on the squash court.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new-be exerciser or an advanced one, the benefits of heart rate training are real for all. The first 3 steps of getting started reaping the benefits of HR training are:

  1. Learn which heart rate monitor is best for your fitness regime
  2. Learn more about how to heart rate train
  3. Get exercising with your monitor and let the watch track your results.
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